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5 Skydiving Myths Explained

Skydiver with parachute holds US flag.

There’s quite a few false yet popular ideas about skydiving out there. We gathered 5 important ones that we’d like to discuss and show you the true side of skydiving.

1. You can get good deals for skydiving on Groupon and other discount websites.
The skydiving plane glides through the sky.
The components of a good and safe skydive are a good and well-maintained airplane, modern and reliable gear, and a professional instructor. All of those things aren’t cheap. Do you really want to put your life in the hands of a skydiving center that saves money on gear or airplane maintenance? We urge you to think again. Also, watch out for the fine print… The only way a skydiving center can make those crazy cheap deals work is if they charge you extra fees upon arrival. Hey, there’s also a gear rental fee.. (like it’s optional, right?). Or hey, for just $50 extra we will take you to higher altitude! (Wait, how will I know the difference?) It gets confusing. Choose a skydiving center with a proven safety record, high culture of safety, and transparent pricing.

2. It’s all about freefall.

Skydiver glides across a lake with parachute.

Freefall is fantastic beyond words, but that’s not all there is to your jump! Once your canopy opens, you get to experience a whole different kind of flight… slow, quiet, peaceful and equally breathtaking. And besides that, there’s the airplane ride, the moment you step out, the moment you land are all super special times that you will remember for a long time. It’s a whole epic journey up there and back. There are so many different feelings and emotions in it that we should probably just stop talking and go let you try it for yourself!

3. It’s only fun the first time.

Formation skydivers hold hands in the air.

No, no, no. Why do you think all of us here stuck around and keep doing this all day long, up and down, up and down? Because it only gets better. Your second jump is just as special. It’s when you know a little of what to expect (and when to be afraid), and you also know when to pay attention to notice more of what’s going on. As you keep jumping, your narrow field of vision starts expanding, and with each jump you’re noticing more and more. A whole new world opens up. As you learn new disciplines within skydiving, your excitement only grows with every new skill or technique you learn.

4. It takes forever to become a pro.

Skydiver with parachute holds US flag.

Sometimes… But it only takes 3 tandem jumps to start jumping your own gear. Then the jumps also start getting cheaper. After about 10 jumps you can start jumping completely on your own, and have the sky all to yourself! It also only costs you $24 per jump from then on. At 25 jumps you get your first skydiving license and you can jump with other licensed skydivers. It only gets more fun from there! At 200 jumps you can get a coach rating and start assisting instructors in student training. It sounds like a lot, but if you’re passionate about it like we are, and come jump every weekend like most sport jumpers, you’ll put in 200 jumps over one season. Does that still sound like forever? Not really!

5. Skydiving is not a real sport.

Skydiver parachutes at sunset.

It’s actually pretty amazing how many sport disciplines developed from leaping out of perfectly good airplanes in the last 15 years alone. There are national and international competitions, world records, very detailed rules and governing organizations like The United States Parachute Association and Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. People practice building large formations in freefall, flying various body positions, 3D formations and acrobatics, canopy piloting, wingsuiting, “dancing” in freefall, tracking across the sky. Ultimate fun happens when they combine those disciplines in one jump, and, say, have wingsuiters flying alongside fast canopies and acrobatic airplanes. The sport is growing and developing so quickly that each year, if not each month, people come up with something that’s never been done before. More and more people get addicted to the freedom of the sky.

Will you become one of them?

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