Most Wanted Experience Gift Cards in 2017

We treasure experiences, special moments and adventures way more than material things. So why do we still buy our friends STUFF, when what we really want are more FUN TIMES together?

We surveyed our Skydive Cross Keys team for the most desirable experience gifts this holiday season. These guys sure know how to have a good time :) And, spoiler alert, their wish list was NOT just skydiving! Use this as your idea guide and skip the crowded malls this month.

One of the most requested experiences was RELAXATION. Of course! Get your friends a gift certificate for a massage, a spa day, or go big with a whole weekend retreat. Our team picked the Crystal Springs Resort as the most desirable destination in our area. Who wouldn't love a gift certificate for some much needed rest?


Jenn, our manifest manager, picked massage as her first choice. "Doesn't matter where or when or how, but some relaxation is much needed after the busy season surrounded by all these crazy skydivers!"

Another popular pick was a FUN DAY or NIGHT OUT with friends or loved ones.

  • Got a friend who loves speed? Get a gift card for go kart racing. We picked Speed Raceway in Horsham, PA.
  • Got a friend who loves getting off the ground? Gift a visit to a rock gym. We picked The Gravity Vault with multiple locations in NJ and PA.
  • Does your gang enjoy good laughs and stories while sampling beers? Go on a brewery tour. We picked The Flying Fish in Somerdale, NJ, they do offer online gift cards.

 Art, our videographer and a famous foodie, named two of his favorite restaurants: The House of Brews in Turnersville right by the drop zone, and Cafe Ynez on Washington Ave in Philly. "Can't beat a good time with friends and great food after a fun day jumping out of airplanes."


Another one of the most desired experience gifts was a GETAWAY. Traveling opens our minds to new things and we don't even have to go far to come back refreshed and inspired.

  • A city traveler would love a CityPass gift to their coveted destination. It combines admission to the city's best attractions and it can be purchased as a gift. You pick the city!
  • Your adventurous friend who likes to skip the hotel chains would loooove an Airbnb gift card.
  • Leave all choices to them and get a gift card from your favorite airline, cruise line or hotel chain. Royal Caribbean gift cards range from $50 to $2000 in value. Wouldn't you love to get one of those instead of another sweater?
skydiving happy

Pico and Nadia, the drop zone managers, voted for "a much needed weekend away from work". What gift card exactly would that be? They say, "one for a babysitting service probably.. meaning, an airline ticket for grandma to fly in!" A totally awesome gift for parents of toddlers, mind you!

Lastly, our absolute winner was, of course, THRILL and ADVENTURE. Those are the moments that you remember all your life. And sharing a thrilling adventure also makes your friendship stronger! So here it is... The best gift card is the one that takes you up in the sky and gives you the time of your life. Our skydiving gift cards are guaranteed to make your special someone jump with excitement!