People of Skydive Cross Keys: Mike Masters

Mike Masters is really "The Most Interesting Man In The World" of skydiving. He possesses an incredible range of superhero skills - from motorcycle racing to fire breathing to lock picking to sword fighting to cooking the best Eggs Benedict you've ever had, and we're just lucky to call him a CK local!

Jumps: 550
First Jump: Skydive Cross Keys in 2012
Little Known Fact: Mike was about to start his skydiving journey in Long Island, however he needed a modified rig for left handed deployment, which is what brought him to Cross Keys. 


So how did Mike become cooler than the Dos Equis guy?

It all started with calling 2012 his “Year of James Bond”. He decided that he would spend the year asking, "What Would James Bond Do?" This question brought him to a huge range of new hobbies, like rock climbing, flight lessons, scuba diving, triathlons, dance lessons, lock picking, samurai sword lessons, sailing, and of course skydiving. He pursued all these things, well, just for fun. Throughout this year everyone heckled him for missing out on the one thing that James Bond is known best for (we really have no clue what that is).

Fast forward to 2016, “The Year of Being Laid Off”. What better excuse is there to focus on skydiving, traveling, and having even more fun! If you happened to see him at your DZ that year, he probably stuck a camera in your face, and now it’s probably your best Facebook profile picture. He is one hell of a portrait photographer, as if the list of his skills wasn't already jaw-droppingly long. Oh, did we mention that he also does swing dancing, software engineering and has a PhD in whiskey tasting?

2017 is “The Rebuild Year”. Yes, he is a superhero, but superheros also need to have a job. So he's on a quest of finding one that's cool enough for a man of a million skills! In the meantime, we are just keeping our fingers crossed that whatever his next move is, he keeps skydiving at Cross Keys, because our dropzone just wouldn't be the same without him!