People of Skydive Cross Keys: Sarah Gearty

Sarah is the Chief Packer at Cross Keys, and has been a Chief Officer of Fun / Event Organizer for many years. If you're a regular at CK, she probably packed your parachute at least once, and for sure heckled you from the packing mat more than once!

Jumps: approx 575
First Jump: May 6, 2006 with Pali Rovnan
Little Known Fact: Sarah is adopted, hates tomatoes and can skydive with a bunny head on.


To Sarah, Skydive Cross Keys is home. More than ten years ago, Sarah decided to go skydiving with a group of friends on a whim. Why the hell not, she thought to herself? Little did she know that the people here would become her family, and one day would even raise money to buy her a new rig, when hers was stolen.

Sarah started working as a packer back in 2007, and has been running the packing mat since 2015. She has been the CK party planner for many years, and has played the role of the Skydiving Easter Bunny for the local children for the last 4 years.

Along with the famous Hutchko, Sarah helped start the ‘Whiskey Ticks’, our back woods band that has brought us some of the most original songs such as “Don’t Talk to Jenn” and “Scuba Joe <BLEEP>”. The Whiskey Ticks also became the 2017 Drunken Dodgeball champions at FreezeFest.

Like most, Sarah was scared to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at first. She stuck with the sport because she found it challenging and pushing her limits. Eventually, she grew less afraid and went on to do awesome things, like jump from a a WWII Stearman, and land barefoot on the beach in Puerto Rico. Sarah met her future husband Matt at Cross Keys, and they're about to get married in October!