Easter Bunny Hops Out Of An Airplane Again! (Video)

Nobody really remembers when the tradition of the skydiving Easter Bunny started at Cross Keys, but hundreds of local families know to come to Cross Keys on Friday before Easter every year to watch this unique show.


The daredevil Easter Bunny always jumps in what is called a tandem, where his harness is attached to an experienced instructor. They hop out of the plane together, freefall through the sky and open their shared parachute at about 5,500 feet. This year, Brian was the instructor taking the bunny on her high altitude adventure, and Matt was jumping out with them to capture the video and photos.  The kids watch them descend to the landing area, and as soon as the bunny landed, the huge Easter egg hunt began!

skydiving on easter

This year, the weather was picture perfect for skydiving and egg hunting, and the event attracted about 1,000 local visitors. There were 3 zones with Easter eggs to separate the kids by age, and let the older ones run wild, while the toddlers take their time and explore the bunny's gifts as they find them.


The bunny took the time to pose for photos and play with the little ones until sunset.

30 volunteers from Skydive Cross Keys helped organize the event and keep everyone safe, and we must say they succeeded! All kids left happy with their baskets full.

We are looking forward to the bunny jumping again next year!