4 Reasons October Is Great For Skydiving

No, our airplane doesn’t smell like pumpkin spice in October.

But there are some things that make it one of the best months to skydive!

  1. Seasonal discounts.

    October is our student special month! Book your tandem skydive for only $189, which is $20 off the regular price, during the month of October - and you can actually schedule it for any time within a year of your payment date! Just make sure to have your student ID at check in!


    Fall foliage seen from the sky? Come on, you can’t really have a nicer view on your skydive. You may actually enjoy it so much you’ll want to go up again. And again. And then you’re hooked… just like all of us here are!

  3. It’s much less busy.

    If you’ve seen a dropzone on a busy hot July weekend, you’ll definitely appreciate the relaxed pace that fall brings. No more crowds or waiting for your turn in the heat. You almost have the place to yourself! See, you can’t beat that. And yes, we’re still open 7 days a week through this month.

  4. The weather is just perfect.

    Right after the summer heat is gone, but before the rainy season kicks in.. October is a magical month when the weather is just right. You’ll love spending the day outside.

And if you’re really all about that pumpkin spice, heck, bring it on. We’ll find a way to sprinkle it on you in freefall!