90 Seconds of Bliss: What to Know About HALO Jumps at Skydive Cross Keys!


For most licensed jumpers this is a big one on the Skydivers bucket list. Sixty seconds of freefall is fantastic but, like all adrenaline junkies, we always want more. 

On July 7th and 8th, Skydive Cross Keys invites Everest Skydive’s Tom Noonan to lead HALO jumps from 23,000 feet! That’s a whole 90 seconds of free fall! That’s extra time to add points to your bigway, show off your super cool freefall moves, or soar the airways in your wingsuit!

Okay, so obviously you want to do it. Here’s what you need to know:

The Trainer

Tom Noonan is quite the skydiving extraordinaire. On top of having a long list of USPA ratings and a world record for highest parachute landing, Tom leads the tandem skydiving program at Everest Skydive. At Everest Skydive extreme adventurers trek through Himalayan terrain, jump from almost 30’000 feet and land in one of the two highest drop zones in the world. That is some intense experience. With Tom you will get the best HALO training, important wisdom and some good old skydiving stories.   

The Equipment

Tom will be bringing along the state-of-the-art 2018 TopOut Aero bailout oxygen system, the same system used for Everest Skydive expeditions. Good news for experiences wingsuiters - this new version can be fully integrated into wingsuit assemblies. 



Tandem HALO Skydive

Not a licensed jumper but still want to experience the extreme sensation of a HALO jump? You’re in luck!  We are offering a limited number of HALO Tandem spots. No experience required or equipment needed!  All training and equipment will be provided to you by us and our excellent tandem instructors.   

Make sure to document this unique adventure! Ever have a friend brag about their skydive before? Well now you can brag to them about your HALO jump - but you need footage to prove it! Plus you won't be alone in freefall; you’ll get to hold hands, hive five and spin around with the videographer for those glorious 90 seconds of freefall! 


The important details

Arrival time is at 8 AM for the HALO briefing on both July 7th and 8th. Plan to spend between 4 and 8 hours at the drop zone. All participants must be under 220 lbs, proportional in weight and height, in good health.

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Licensed Skydivers

The Requirements 

All solo jumpers must have a USPA B license or greater. Not there yet? They’ll be back next year! Focus on getting more jumps, check our calendar to find canopy courses that fill the B-license canopy card requirement and get water training at our pool on a nice warm day.

All rigs must be equipped with an AAD! Don’t have one? Rent a rig for the day - it’ll be worth it.

All solo jumpers must bring their own open helmet and goggles. If you don’t have one, make sure you can borrow from a friend. You can also by a helmet and goggles at our skydiving store

And keep your hands warm with gloves! Okay, this isn’t required, but we highly recommend it. It gets cold up there! Tom recommends jumpers get lightweight, Neumann style gloves. 

The Training

This part is very important!  During training, Tom will go over the risks and rewards of high altitude skydiving and give a briefing on the equipment and how to use it. So get a good night’s rest and be ready to learn!    


The Jump

On your ride up, you will be hooked up to an oxygen system to get acclimated to the strange sensation of breathing pure oxygen. Our Super Caravan will make the ride to 23,000 ft go quickly and soon you will be ready to have the longest skydive of your life! You can freefly your way down, get a group formation going, or, for experienced wingsuiters, you can even make your longest wingsuit skydive ever. You’ll see even more of that beautiful Philly skyline! 

Be Prepared!

We asked some licensed jumpers who took the HALO leap last year if it was worth it. 

The answer was 100% yes! Every single one thought skydivers should do it at least once in their life. But they did have some tips they wish they knew ahead of time. Here's what we learned: 

Stay Hydrated!

Drink plenty of water or Gatorade. Some of the jumpers we spoke to knew this rule but didn't realize how necessary it is. They regretted it! Even if you feel fine before you go up, the pure oxygen and high altitude will dehydrate your body quickly and make you less alert! Learn from the foolhardy, drink more than you think you need!


Dirt dive your heart out!

In the sport of skydiving, we preach dirt diving on any normal jump. (For newbies: “dirt diving” means practicing your jump plan on the ground). This is extra true on any new jump, especially one that can make you a little disoriented. Find out who is on your jump prior to the day of, plan your jump a few days out and dirt dive as much as you can. Remember, most of the day you will be focused on learning about the risks of a HALO jump, emergency procedures and how to use equipment you have never used before. Planning your jump beforehand and dirt diving multiple times will help make the jump a success! If you are a wingsuiter make sure to plan out your route and speak with the pilot about local air traffic regulations to ensure a safe and beautiful jump. 


And of course, if it is your first HALO, bring beer!

This may seem less important, but the tradition of beer for skydiving "firsts" is actually all about safety and learning! This keeps jumpers around the drop zone after a long day of skydiving to talk about what happened - what went well, what didn’t, what could have gone better, and what could have been avoided. The more we talk about our achievements and mistakes, the better and safer we become! 

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