Make an Extreme Skydive from 23,000 feet!  

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What's even MORE thrilling than jumping out of an airplane?  Jumping from high altitude!

HALO ("High Altitude Low Opening") tandem skydiving is the most exhilarating skydiving experience with 90 seconds of freefall time and some spectacular views from 4.3 miles up in the air! This experience is not available anywhere else on the East Coast.

Skydive Cross Keys offers a limited number of HALO Tandem Skydiving slots. All oxygen equipment and training is included. Training provided by USPA licensed skydiving instructors. HALO skydives are available to anyone under 220 lbs, of proportional height and in good health. No prior skydiving experience required!

HALO Tandem Skydive Pricing

Tandem skydive from 23,000 ft:  $889

Professional video & photo package from 23,000 ft: $379

Appointments are strictly limited and reservation is required. Call us to book your slot today!

HALO Skydiving FAQ

Where does the HALO skydive take place?

Skydive Cross Keys, located at Cross Keys Airport, 300 Dahlia Ave, Williamstown NJ 08094. You can reach us at (856) 629 7553 or

What are the requirements to make a HALO tandem skydive?

Tandem jumpers have to be at least 18 years old and in good health; weigh not more than 220 lbs, with height being in proportion with weight; present a valid photo ID upon check in and sign the skydiving waiver. Jumpers also must not have had eye surgery in the last year, or a collapsed lung in the last 6 months.  Jumpers should be able to lift their legs up to their chest for landing.

What is involved in making a HALO skydive?

You will need to arrive at the time on your reservation. An experienced instructor will brief you on all aspects of the skydive, put your gear on and accompany you to the airplane. You will climb up to 23,000' and the instructor will attach your harness to his parachute system. You will exit the airplane together and freefall for about 90 seconds with the oxygen equipment. It's the longest freefall available anywhere on the East coast!

Once you freefall down to 5,500', your instructor will open your parachute and fly it back to our landing area. During your 5-10 minute flight you can enjoy the scenic views of New Jersey, Philadelphia skyline and even see Atlantic city on a clear day!

Upon landing, you will be presented a certificate to document your extreme skydive.

What happens if the weather isn't good on the scheduled day?

If we have to cancel the HALO jump due to weather, we will either offer you an alternative time to complete the skydive, or offer you a full refund. We will try our best to make the jump happen on the scheduled date and we will not cancel the jump until sunset. For that reason, the jumper must be present on our premises (or close by) from 7 am until sunset on the scheduled date. If a jumper leaves the dropzone before sunset, no refund will be made.

What is the refund policy for HALO jumps?

HALO jumps have to be prepaid in full at the time of reservation. Cancellations are possible only within 14 days of your payment date, and a $45 fee is charged for any refunds made. If a jump is cancelled by the customer after 14 days past the payment date for any reason, no refunds will be made. In case of a no show, or late arrival for training (more than 15 minutes late), no refunds are made.

What is the video package and how much does it cost?

If you add on a video package to your skydive, a professional videographer will jump out with you to film your experience. You will get 50-100 photos and a fully edited movie about your skydive, all delivered to you by email the same day. The cost of the video package is $379 if added at least 48 hours before the jump; if the video package is added on within 48 hours of the jump or on the day of the jump, the cost is $429, so make sure to book it early! More details on video packages here.