5 Tips For Your First Skydive ... From the Pros

It’s always been on your list. It’s a long time dream to soar up in the sky and feel what it’s like to fall free. It’s truly an experience out of this world. And to help you prepare, we talked to people around the drop zone - from instructors with 20,000+ jumps to first timers who just landed. Here's their best advice.


To get the most out of your jump…

1. Pick the right drop zone.

Read the reviews. Be careful with cheap deals - those usually involve some hidden charges (i.e. gear rental or training charged separately) once you arrive. Our rates at Skydive Cross Keys are all inclusive, and the only optional add-on is the video package. Cheaper rates also mean lower altitude (shorter freefall) and smaller airplane (your group may have to jump one by one). See how long the drop zone has been in business and what reputation it has. Don’t be afraid to ask about the experience level of the instructors. It’s comforting to know that you can rely on them to save your life.

2. Get the skydiving video and photos.

Why? Because the videographer makes the jump itself more fun. You get to play with another person in freefall! He will capture your flight and every one of your emotions, and watching the video will get your heart pounding again. You can relive your jump again and again watching it, and your family and friends will get a chance to feel that rush as well! Your first skydiving experience will also be a little overwhelming - from briefing to airplane ride to descent, it will all happen so quickly. You’re going to wish to feel the thrill again! A video brings all those feelings back. And whether you check it off your bucket list or stick around and go through the student training program, the video of your very first jump will be a treasured possession.

3. Take the time breathe out, relax and look around.

It’s okay to be a little nervous. Facing your fear is what makes the jump fun! Don’t let it consume you. Trust the instructors, they’ve been doing it for years and thousands of jumps. Take the time to take a deep breath and take it all in. The scenery you will see here is pretty incredible. There’s Philly skyline, there’s Atlantic city, you can see local landmarks and highways and your own house if you live nearby. Take a minute while the airplane climbs and explore the area from above. When flying under the canopy, ask your instructor to point things out to you. It’s fun to see the ground from a new perspective.

skydiving myths

4. Bring friends.

Got adventurous buddies? You can all jump together! Not so adventurous? We love having visitors and spectators at the drop zone as well. There’s an observation deck right behind our hangar where you can watch everyone land. There’s also a cafe serving breakfast and lunch that has a good view of the runway and landing area. Plan for a day of fun and bring some company!

5 skydiving myths

5. Talk to the regulars.

You’ll find yourself surrounded with people who jump out of airplanes for a living, or for a sport. They have some pretty amusing stories to tell! They love to talk to first timers, introduce them to our sport, and show how the drop zone operates. We’ll gladly show you the gear, show you around, tell the story of that crazy jump we did.. everybody’s got a good story! Let us welcome you on board, just like someone welcomed us on the day of our first jump... and who knows, you might just want to stay and keep jumping!