All Your Skydiving Experience Questions Answered!

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To be able to skydive, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old on the day of the jump;
  • Weigh under 250 lbs with clothes and shoes on;
  • Present a valid photo ID at check in;
  • Be in good health;
  • Be able to read, speak and understand English.

If you are making a reservation for a group, please make sure that everyone in the group meets these requirements.

The minimum age for skydiving in the US is 18. This is a regulation of the United States Parachute Association. You can skydive on your 18th birthday, but not earlier. This is because every jumper has to sign their own legal waiver, and waivers signed by parents for minors can not be accepted. Read more about skydiving requirements here.

Wear comfortable clothes and lace-up sneakers. In winter, add an extra layer or two and bring gloves. We will ask you to take off your jewelry, empty your pockets, and leave all loose items on the ground. We don’t want you to lose any valuables in freefall! Read more about how to prepare for your skydive here.

Sure! We have a spectator deck where your friends can watch the skydivers land. There’s a food truck on weekends in summer, shaded picnic tables, free wifi, and some outdoor games. You’re welcome to hang out all day!

Advance booking helps us shorten your check-in process and waiting time, and guarantees your spot on busy days. Not to mention that it also saves you money! The easiest way to book is to use our secure online reservation system. Walk-in jumps are also possible based on availability. Give us a call at (856) 629-7553 to check availability!

We advise jumpers to prepare to spend at least 4 hours at the dropzone. It’s not easy to say exactly how long it will be, because each day is different – weather, group size, number of people at the dropzone, etc. are all factors in the duration of the experience. Skydiving also requires a lot of coordination for safety: gear checks, training, air traffic coordination. So while it may seem like a long wait, it’s because we are working behind the scenes to ensure a smooth experience for our jumpers. Learn more about what happens when you arrive for your skydiving appointment.

Tandem students can weigh up to 250 lbs (with clothes and shoes on) to be able to jump at Skydive Cross Keys in New Jersey. The weight limit set by each particular skydiving center depends on multiple factors such as gear, manufacturer’s weight limit, and airplane configuration. It also takes more physical effort for a tandem instructor to fly and land a canopy with a heavier tandem student, that’s why most skydiving centers charge a higher fee for jumpers who are over a certain weight but still within the overall weight limit. Please note that at Skydive Cross Keys we have a $20 surcharge for tandem students who weigh between 220 – 250 lbs. Find out more about requirements to skydive here.

You’re welcome to use your camera on the ground before you gear up for your jump. After you gear up, you must leave all cameras, cell phones, and any loose items behind. Even licensed jumpers are not allowed to bring a camera (even a GoPro) on their skydive until they reach 200 jumps. If you wish to record your skydive on video, consider hiring one of our professional videographers to jump with you!

If we can’t skydive on a certain day due to weather conditions, you are welcome to reschedule your jump. We usually wait until the morning of the day you’re scheduled to jump to make the final call on the weather since the forecast isn’t always reliable.

You can collect money and book everyone in one shot, or let people book themselves individually into your group using a Group ID.  Please visit this page for detailed instructions: How to Make a Group Reservation.

Our video packages are offered by professional videographers. It is a separate person who jumps out of the plane with you and your instructor to film you from the outside perspective. While they can get photos of your whole group on the ground before and after the jump, they can only jump out with one person at a time. Tandem jumpers freefall about 1000ft apart which is necessary for safety, so the videographer can’t jump with multiple tandems at the same time. We have multiple videographers available, so your entire group can book their video packages for everyone!

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