The Happiest Skydiving Center in the Northeast

Skydive Cross Keys holds a special place in the world of skydiving, one with a long and rich history. It opened its doors in 1994 when a small group of sports enthusiasts gathered around Cross Keys airport in Williamstown, NJ. Over the next two decades, it has become a true epicenter of the skydiving sport in the Northeastern region, hosting records, raising world champions, and advancing new disciplines. In the skydiving world, it’s always been known for its great vibe and a fun and supportive community.

Under new ownership since 2016, Skydive Cross Keys is getting a fresh boost of energy, renovated facilities, and a shiny new fleet of turbine aircraft. We are on a mission to build the happiest skydiving center in the Northeast, and to let every person who walks through the door feel this happy vibe! The new dropzone managers, Pico and Nadia, are determined to invest in their jumper community as well as in stellar customer service for the first-timers and experienced skydivers alike.

“I flew for this drop zone for many years”, says Pico, “and this was always the most fun job I’ve ever had: you get to meet people who jump out of airplanes, who conquer their fear on a daily basis and all share this free-spirited attitude of living life on their own terms. Their backgrounds are all different, but this thrilling experience unites and connects them in a very special way. We’re proud of the team, community, and the family-like vibe that we have at Cross Keys”.

“This is our happy place, and we want it to be that way for everyone!”, says Nadia. “Watching people land from their first skydive and seeing the biggest smile on their faces, hearing that they had the time of their life, or even a life-changing experience – that’s what’s special about our sport, and that’s what keeps us going”.

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