Our Team

We’re proud to be working with some of the most experienced, talented, and fun people in skydiving.

Our drop zone’s core values are the amazing experiences that we strive to deliver to our customers and our team; the culture of safety that is the backbone of our operation; teamwork; passion for our sport; and of course, the good vibes!

Would you like to join our team? Reach out, we’d love to talk!

Man in headset

Pico The Pilot

Boss man and chief pilot, proudly licensed to operate the golf cart

A woman mid-skydive.


Boss lady, tells Pico where to drive the golf cart

A man in glasses smiles at camera


Pilot, owns a self driving car but swears he can fly a plane

A woman holds dog.


Chief of Manifest, runs on sugar free Red Bull (donations of which are graciously accepted)

A man smiles in skydiving gear


Tandem & AFP instructor, S&TA, rigger, gear dealer, filmmaker, the best dressed character at any Halloween party

A man points at the camera


Tandem & AFP Instructor, has more jumps than you so you can not win an argument with him

Man hangs off plane smiling


AFP Instructor, Videographer, responds to Zabu, Zobo, Zorbs, and Igbo

Man with camera jumps out the plane


AFP Instructor, Videographer, prank artist

Man points to camera with both hands


Air traffic controller, ground school instructor, S&TA. His “people to watch out for” list includes pretty much everyone

a man holding a 'thumbs up'

Jimmy H.

Tandem & AFP Instructor, Videographer, world famous for slip ‘n slide freestyle

a man skydiving


Tandem Instructor, Videographer. He is mostly here to pet all the drop zone pups

Man smiles in helmet


Tandem & AFP Instructor, beer brewer, takes orders from 3 people under 6 years old

a man with a videography setup attached to his helmet


Tandem Instructor, Videographer, resident trumpet player

Man puts thumbs up to camera


Videographer, AFP Instructor, endless source of good vibes

a man after landing from skydiving


Videographer, Tandem Instructor. He is building himself a new house so he can keep a safe distance from the rest of us

Man floats on skydive


Manifest DJ. Manages to combine a summer job with attending all the music festivals. He knows what your favorite band is


Master of manifesting, a hobby pilot and aviation enthusiast, and a devoted Floridian stranded in New Jersey.

a man with sunglasses standing in front of a hangar


Video editor and gift shop guy. Works two jobs at once with his secret multitasking powers and green Crocs.

Man in sunglasses steps out of building


Chief packer. According to some, he’s not as scary as he seems. The rest of us approach him cautiously

Woman in purple glasses smiles after landing


Packer, foster pets mom, paramedic

Man attached to parachute


Videographer, packer, packing class teacher

Man in ref outfit blows whistle


Ground Crew, enforcer of gear checks, biggest supporter of the military you can find

a man with sunglasses pointing to a plane about to take off


Ground crew. He can weld a parachute out of metal. Practical applications are limited but it looks cool.

a man and child in the cockpit of a plane


Pilot, DJ, Instagram superstar, aviation nerd. Happy to be left alone for half of each flight.


Part time Manifest helper, part time Kindergarten teacher, which is basically the same thing

Giant dog jumps up at man


Don’t leave your lunch unattended.

George the Cactus

He’s seen better days