Our Team

We’re proud to be working with some of the most experienced, talented, and fun people in skydiving.

Our drop zone’s core values are the amazing experiences that we strive to deliver to our customers and our team; the culture of safety that is the backbone of our operation; teamwork; passion for our sport; and of course, the good vibes!

Would you like to join our team? Reach out, we’d love to talk!

Man in headset

Pico The Pilot

Boss man and chief pilot, proudly licensed to operate the golf cart

A woman mid-skydive.


Boss lady, tells Pico where to drive the golf cart

A woman smiles from the cockpit of plane


The Pilot Chick

A man in glasses smiles at camera


The Pilot Dude. Owns a self driving car but swears he can fly a plane.

A woman holds dog.


Chief of Manifest, runs on Sugar free Red Bull

A man smiles in skydiving gear


Tandem & AFP instructor, rigger, gear dealer, will make right price for you
A man points at the camera


Tandem & AFP Instructor, beer fine collector, has been jumping since the Big Bang

A man carries parachute


Tandem Instructor, Videographer, canopy coach

Man hangs off plane smiling


AFP Instructor, Videographer, probably related to Zabu, Zobo, Zorbs, and Igbo.

Man smiles in helmet


Tandem & AFP Instructor, beer brewer, takes orders from 3 people under 6 years old.

Man with camera jumps out the plane


AFP Instructor, Videographer, prank artist, expert in measuring the depth of the pond

Man in helmet smiles at camera


Tandem & AFP Instructor, Videographer, runs a shelter for homeless skydivers.

Man points to camera with both hands


Air traffic controller, ground school instructor, S&TA

Man puts thumbs up to camera


Videographer, AFP Instructor, Happy Face

Woman in harness smiles at camera


Chief Packer

Man in green bandana poses for camera

Safety Jake

Tandem Instructor, Videographer

Man in sunglasses steps out of building


He’s been here longer than all of us so he pretty much does whatever he wants

Man holds skydiving for dummies book


Videographer, Tandem Instructor

Man floats on skydive


Manifest DJ. Manages to combine a summer job with attending all the music festivals

Man carries skydiving gear

Matt Kali

Videographer, last seen at a bar on Jersey shore

Man poses for camera while seated


Tandem & AFP Instructor, Videographer,  Swoop Clubber

Man in orange top smiles at camera


Ground crew, Chief of Sunburn Avoidance

Woman in purple glasses smiles after landing


Packer, foster dog mom, petitions for ergonomic bathrooms

Man attached to parachute


Packer, Packing class teacher for K-2

Man in ref outfit blows whistle


Ground Crew, Gear Check Police, Stranded Jumper Picker Upper

Man in colorful top smiles on runway


Ground crew. He drives a truck and drinks IPAs. But not at the same time.

Giant dog jumps up at man

Sir Jack Puppydog

Don’t leave your lunch unattended.