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Skydiving instructors… caught on camera!

Tandem skydiving instructor
Tandem skydiving instructor

What does it take to be a skydiving instructor?

(We get this question a lot).

…Well, it takes a few things.

Definitely some cool reflective sunglasses.

Some messy hair to look good in the wind. Maybe a couple cool tattoos.

Perhaps also some bravery, strength, quick thinking, friendliness… and ability to calm a first timer’s nerves with a simple “It’s my first jump too”.

Those are obvious things, of course. There must be more than that. Some secret ninja skills and superhuman powers…

We turned to our photo archives to try to pinpoint those lesser known talents that these amazing people possess.

Here’s what we found out…

7 Habits of Highly Effective Skydiving Instructors, Caught on Camera


The ability to look confident and professional in any circumstances. Here are two tandem instructors demonstrating the international sign for “I know what I’m doing”.


The ability to replace a missing piece of gear on the fly.

Pictured below, a skydiving instructor making his own GOGGLES (a.k.a. the most important piece of tandem skydiving equipment) while in freefall. You can’t catch Range empty handed, or without GOGGLES.


Speaking of GOGGLES, great instructors always carry spares. Sometimes on their face. Sometimes in other places. (Pockets. What did you think?)


They know when to pull out The Aerodynamic Mustache. +50 points to manliness, +100 points to freefall skills. Ashley doesn’t need either one, but hey, it’s for Movember.


This is a special ninja skill that only a few dare to use. It involves opening your mouth real wide in freefall. We heard that the air coming in puts pressure on your brain and makes you think faster. Bonus: you look great on video.


When the world is blowing by you at 120 miles per hour, and you manage to grab something to hold on to. We say, that’s a superpower.


These fearless people exude confidence and bravery… Or maybe this is another style of makeshift GOGGLES.


OK, we know we said 7 but we just couldn’t leave out the insane dabbing skills.


Neither could we leave out the ability to take impromptu naps. This takes some talent.. but feeling recharged by the time you land is worth it!

Want to become a fearless skydiving instructor too?

Start by making your first tandem jump. You’re guaranteed to meet one of them, and watch all of their tricks in person. (Make sure to ask them about the GOGGLES). Ready? Let’s go!

Book a Jump!

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