Our skydiving training takes you from simply checking off your bucket list to becoming a true member of our sport. By getting your skydiving license, you will be able to jump with other people, build formations in the sky, practice different disciplines, pilot your canopy like a pro, travel the world and skydive at different drop zones, and become a member of a unique community of amazing people.

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Our AFP program is one of the most advanced training methods available, designed to give you a quick start in the world of skydiving. Taught by some of the most experienced instructors in the country, using state of the art gear and aircraft, this program will comprehensively cover everything you need to become a safe member of our sport.

How long does it take to complete your skydiving training?

There is no standard timing, since every student takes it at their own pace. You can get your license in as little as two weeks, if you jump every day. USPA requires that you make at least one jump every 30 days to stay current. We encourage students to jump as often as possible; the less time between the jumps, the better your learning curve will be.

How much does it cost to get your skydiving license?

Here is a break down of our AFP program levels, jumps and prices. There is no standard total price as the program is customized based on the student's progress. It largely depends on how often you come to jump. Jumping often will minimize your need for any refresher training, and therefore would minimize your cost.

Prices below include all gear rentals except where noted.

LEVEL A (Typically 2 Tandem jumps)
$189 Per Tandem Jump
    Body Position and Altitude Awareness
    Heading Control and Canopy Control
$125 Ground School
    4-6 hours Classroom and Practical Training

$20 Introductory USPA membership

LEVEL B (Typically 2 AFP jumps)
$199 Per Jump
    Introduction to Solo Flight
    Team Fwd Movement and Turns

LEVEL C (Typically 2 AFP jumps)
$199 Per Jump
    Release Dive, Heading Control
    Hover Control, Unassisted Solo Pull

LEVEL D (Typically 2 AFP jumps)
$199 Per Jump
    Solo 90-degree Turns and Fwd Movement
    Solo 360-degree Turns and Docking

LEVEL E (Typically 2 AFP jumps)
$199 Per Jump
    Dive Exit and Freewill Aerobatics
    Tracking with Awareness

At this point you will graduate AFP and become a solo student. Solo student status allows you to gain the necessary experience in order to apply for your "A" license!

$70 High Solo - Supervised Solo Jump From Full Altitude
$60 Low Solo - Supervised Solo Jump From Low Altitude
$25 Solo Practice Jump  + Gear rental extra

LEVEL G (Typically 2 Coach Jumps and unlimited Solo Fun/Practice Jumps)
$85 Per Coach Jump + Gear rental extra
    Fall Rate Control with a Coach
    Group Exit and Docking Control
$25 Per Solo Practice Jump + Gear rental extra

LEVEL H (Typically 3 Coach Jumps and unlimited Solo Fun/Practice Jumps)
$85 Per Coach Jump + Gear rental extra
    Diving Exit and Freewill Swooping
    Group Jumping and Tracking for Separation
    Freefall Control on all Axes
$25 Per Solo Practice Jump + Gear rental extra

$90 A-License Check-out Dive + Gear rental extra
$30 A-License Application Fee (Payable to USPA)

"A" license allows you to jump without supervision and jump at different drop zones, pack your own parachute, jump in small groups, and is just the beginning of your skydiving journey!

After your "A" license, you can work towards obtaining your "B", "C", and "D" licenses that allow you to progress towards more complex jumps.

Have any questions? Call us at (856) 629 7553 or email jump@skydivecrosskeys.com!

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