Beach Tandem Skydiving

Update: We will not be having a Wildwood Boogie in 2024. Please stay tuned for more updates!

Wildwood Beach Boogie 2022 was a huge success! Thanks everyone for joining us at the beach.

We are working on the details of our next events. If you’d like to get an email when we have the new dates and locations, please fill out the form below!


Skydiving over the scenic shoreline, flying under your canopy with the breathtaking views of the beach, and landing on the sand right next to the Wildwood’s boardwalk – sounds like a dream! No prior skydiving experience is required. You will be securely attached to an experienced instructor, certified by the US Parachute Association(opens in a new tab), who will take care of you throughout the entire experience.

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Event Details

All jumpers must be at least 18 years old, weigh under 220 lbs and be in good health to skydive.

Beach tandem jump price is tbc for the next event.  A complementary photo and video package is included with your beach jump ticket. There are no discounts of any kind, and regular Skydive Cross Keys gift cards are not redeemable for this event.

If we can not jump at your scheduled time due to weather, we will try to reschedule your jump to another time the same weekend. If we are unable to make your jump happen that weekend, we will make a full refund for your jump ticket. If you prefer, your beach jump ticket can be redeemed as jump credit at our regular location in Williamstown, NJ.

Your tandem jump ticket covers everything you need to make your beach skydive with us. There are no extra fees of any kind on arrival. It includes your gear, briefing, bus ride to Cape May Airport, airplane ride to jump altitude, the tandem skydive with a certified instructor. As a bonus, to document this incredible experience for you, we are including the handycam photo & video package at no cost to you.

We will ask you to plan for 4-6 hours from check in to check out. It may take less time, however with the weather, various group sizes and traffic conditions between the beach and Cape May Airport we like to budget extra time just in case.

Absolutely! We will be landing very close to the boardwalk by Spicer Avenue. Spectators are welcome to hang out anywhere on the beach or boardwalk and watch you land!

Check out last year’s videos and photos!

How it works

Tandem jumpers check in at the Skydive Cross Keys tent on Wildwood beach near Spicer Avenue at the time on their reservation. Bring a valid photo ID. Dress comfortably for the weather and wear lace up shoes (no flip flops or sandals).

After watching a briefing video and filling out a waiver, your tandem instructor will give you an in person briefing covering all phases of your tandem skydive. Then, you will board one of our shuttles for a 20 minute ride to Cape May County Airport along with the other jumpers going on the same load.

At the airport, you will board our airplane, a 17-seat Super Grand Caravan, that will take you to 13,500′ in about 10 minutes. Make sure to look out the window on this scenic flight!

You and your instructor will exit the airplane and freefall until 5,500′. At that point the instructor will open your parachute and you can fly slowly and enjoy the views as you descend back to the beach. You will land by the same area where you checked in. You’re welcome to bring spectators!

Your instructor will take photos and video throughout your jump, and sign a Tandem Skydiving Certificate for you when you land!

We are working on our next event! If you’d like to be notified when we have the 2023 dates and information, please fill out this form.

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