Tandem Skydiving

Wildwood Beach Boogie was a huge success in 2019 and we are so excited to bring this event back!

Skydiving over the scenic shoreline, flying under your canopy with the breathtaking views of the beach, and landing on the sand right next to the Wildwood’s boardwalk – sounds like a dream! And for 3 days in August, we will be skydiving at the beach once again

No prior skydiving experience is required. You will be securely attached to an experienced instructor, certified by the US Parachute Association, who will take care of you throughout the entire experience.

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Why Choose Skydive Cross Keys?

We've done over 100,000 tandem skydives here since our main location in Williamstown, NJ opened in 1994

Safety is our absolute first priority. We work with certified and highly experienced skydiving instructors, pilots, parachute packers, and videographers

We are absolutely determined to give you the best time of your life!