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Holiday Gift Guide For Skydivers

What do you get that friend that only talks about skydiving? Everything skydiving related, of course!

Here is our official guide to making your favorite skydiving junkie so EXTREMELY happy this holiday season!

First, we must start with the threads – because as you must already know, skydivers want everyone to know that they are skydivers.

Step 1 – Make it Warm!

It’s getting pretty chilly outside, means your jumper friend will need to be warm while sporting his skydive love.  We have all the warm layers to choose from…

Step 2: The Tee

Alright, so you picked out the warm layer, but what about about when they get a little too warm? No worries, we have the perfect t-shirt for every jumper’s style!

Step 3: The Extra Flavor

The clothes are picked, let’s add some flare!

Step 4: The Accessories

Once the jumper has the best threads around, they are going to want everything and everyone else in their life to look just as cool!

Step 5: The Jumps!

Now that they have all the cool threads to show off their love of jumping, they are going to want to actually jump! You can pick a custom amount gift card in our online store right here. Add it to your gift and prepare to be the most loved (by the skydiver) and envied (by those who did not think of such a fantastic gift) friend around!

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