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Should You Go Skydiving? Take Our Skydiving Quiz To Find Out!

If you made it to this article, it means you’re officially wondering, “Should I go skydiving?” And we’re SO excited you’re here. People who ask, “Should I skydive?” are actually asking about the benefits of skydiving and if it’s really worth it. The short answers here are: numerous skydiving benefits and totally worth it. How are we so sure? We live the ultimate dream life and get to watch beautiful souls just like you experience the freedom of flight every single day!!! 

Take our Should I Go Skydiving Quiz to get your questions answered and get you hyped for the big leap. Let’s get into it! 

Question 1: Are You At Least 18 Years Old? 

There are specific requirements you must consider before you go skydiving, including age. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) requires you to be at least 18 years old. Why? Safety! The skydiving universe is governed by both the USPA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – we don’t mess around with safety. Eighteen is the magic number here in the States that tells us you’re responsible enough to make big decisions, like saying yes to jumping from a perfectly good airplane. 

Don’t forget to bring your valid, government-issued form of photo identification (like a driver’s license or passport) to your tandem skydive appointment to let us double check you’re legit! Per the rules: no ID, no jump; no exceptions.

Question 2: Do You Have Any Medical Considerations? 

The sport of skydiving is more accessible than ever, and people with a variety of medical conditions go skydiving all the time. That being said, we always put safety first, and if you have any hesitations, get the go-ahead from your doc prior to booking your jump. Some conditions may land you in the “people who shouldn’t skydive” category, such as certain cardiovascular issues or back, neck, and knee issues (such as previous surgeries). 

Question 3: Do You Have The Time? 

Skydiving has potential to turn into an all-day affair. Why? The weather gods are temperamental sometimes *sigh*. BUT, waiting out the weather with fellow tandem students and skydivers is an experience you’ll remember forever – the camaraderie of the skydiving community is unmatched. AND, getting to finally jump when the sunshine bursts through the clouds is the best feeling ever. 

Question 4: Do You Take Calculated Risks? 

We’ve got enough safety-mindedness to go around for everyone! What is the failure rate of skydiving? The USPA has a great comprehensive breakdown about skydiving incidents. Skydiving is an extreme sport, which means it carries an inherent level of risk – although, it’s not the level of risk the media would have you believe. Remember: Skydivers take calculated risks, but we’re not reckless, which is why we’re able to do what we love multiple times per day! 

Question 5: Do You Want To Conquer Fears? 

“Should I skydive if I’m scared?” is a question we often hear. If we’re being honest, we would actually be a bit concerned if you weren’t nervous about skydiving. Being scared is normal, and kicking that fear right out the door of the airplane is the perfect way to show it who runs your life. Willingly saying “YES” to the hard stuff makes other hard things seem way less intimidating, which is why the effects of skydiving are so empowering and freeing. 

Conquering fear is one of the top reasons to go skydiving! If you’re scared, say you’re scared – we’re rooting for you! 

tandem skydiving experience in the airplane

Question 6: Do You Like To Live In The Moment? 

Bear with us when we say this: skydiving is an interesting endeavor, because it can be detrimental if you think about literally anything else. OKAY, PUMP THE BRAKES! SKRRRT! WHAT!? Hold up, stop sweating. Skydiving  instructors are highly trained to be 1000% dedicated to being in the moment so that the safety of both of you is their top priority.

Avid skydivers often respond to the question, “Why do people skydive?” with, “Because it’s cheaper than therapy!” And ain’t that the truth!? There are very few activities in the world that force you to be fully immersed in the moment – skydiving is one of them and it results in a euphoric sense of freedom. 

Question 7: Do You Prioritize Mental & Physical Gains?

Is it good to go skydiving? Generally, YES! The health benefits of skydiving are significant. Mental benefits include a newfound perspective or ‘lease on life,’ an influx of dopamine and serotonin, and a boost of confidence from actually doing it! Physical benefits of skydiving range from increased flexibility and muscle mass, and physical wins from reduced stress. 

Your first skydive will most likely be your first time in a turboprop airplane, your first time being in a plane with the door open, and so much more! Doing things for the first time brings us back to our stress-free, childlike roots. We can’t wait for you to check the leap of a lifetime off your bucket-list.

tandem skydiving exit smile

Question 8: Does A Sense Of Community Sound Awesome? 

The skydiving community is a big part of why we jump (and jump, and jump!). The skydiving community is the most accepting, supportive, and encouraging group of folks – and we span the entire globe. Skydivers start off as strangers, quickly become friends, and then become family who shred the skies as a unified team. 

As a tandem student, you’ll get a glimpse into our awesome community by chatting with your instructor, videographer, and local fun jumpers (AKA, licensed skydivers who jump for the heck of it). 

Question 9: Is Self-Discovery A Goal You Have? 

Skydiving challenges you mentally and physically. When we peer out the door of an airplane and see the earth staring back from more than two miles below us, every rational part of us is screaming “NO!!!” But our consciousness has the power to say, “Hey – I can do this. I am going to do this,” and then we do a full-send through the sky. It’s pretty dang enlightening. 

Doing daunting things opens our minds to an entirely new realm of ourselves, and this new mindset integrates into our daily lives. Is this something you crave? 

Skydivers jumping out plane.

Question 10: Do You Like To Have Fun? 

Is skydiving fun? Um … is that even a question? Skydiving allows you to reach new heights (figuratively and literally) alongside a supportive tribe of people – it’s the most fun thing you’ll ever do, which is why so many people get hooked and pursue getting their solo skydiving license! 

Did you say yes to all 10?! Are you ready to laugh in the face of gravity? Book now! And if you have more questions, reach out – we’re here to support you.

Girl does rock symbol post-jump.

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