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Is a Skydiving Video Package Worth It?

skydiving over atlantic city

First Time Skydiving Video: A Timeless Keepsake

Skydiving video is an added (and kind of costly) expense, so it only makes sense if you’re wondering: is skydiving video worth it? The short and sweet answer: YES! It is more than worth it! 
Okay, now that that’s out of the way, we want to talk about the perks of getting a first time skydiving video. Why? We want you to feel comfortable with your decision. Let’s dive into the ins and outs of tandem skydiving videos – including answering, “What is the best song for my skydiving video?!” 

Is It Worth Getting Video Of Skydiving? 

Is skydiving worth the hype? Yes – it 1000% lives up to the hype, and a skydiving tandem video is the perfect memento to prove it. Skydiving videos allow us to capture the pure joy and emotion of the day in a way that can be shared with others – forever. 

Relive the best day of your life, get sick pics for the gram, and be an inspiration to those you share it with! Name something better … we’ll wait.

Tandem skydivers below the plane after jumping with clouds in the background over NJ.

Reason #1: Relive it. 

Every skydive is a magical experience, but nothing beats your first one. Our videographers and instructors witness firsthand the exhilaration that comes with taking the leap from thousands of feet above the Earth multiple times per day, but we guarantee they all recall their very first jump. 

Your heart will be racing with anticipation, you’ll feel the plane engine roar, and you’ll be enraptured by the camaraderie of avid skydivers. This sounds like the best time ever, yeah? It is! BUT, you’ll be loaded with adrenaline, and this can cause your memory to be a bit selective. Skydiving videos capture all of it: the pre-jump, airplane ascent, exit, freefall, canopy ride, landing, and post-jump. To ensure you can relive every part of the skydive anytime your little heart desires, you’ve gotta get a vid.

Reason #2: Scroll-Stopping Content. 

Skydiving is a universally thrilling experience; it captivates everyone. While you’re in a catatonic state of scrolling endless timelines, imagine seeing a skydiving video pop up that captures your undivided attention – BE THIS PERSON. And when you do, don’t forget to tag us (@skydive_cross_keys)!

Reason #3: Inspire. 

Leaping out of a perfectly good airplane takes courage. And when it’s all said and done, it’s pretty freakin’ empowering. Not only does skydiving allow you to be an inspiration to others thinking of taking the jump, but it proves to yourself that you really can do anything. Conquering our fears lets us rationalize them, and being able to watch this over and over again is wildly encouraging. 

What about doing it over and over again? How expensive is skydiving as a hobby? We’ve got an entire price breakdown right here. Skydiving is a sport that takes a little more than chump change as an initial investment, but pays off in the long run. Licensed skydivers only pay $30 per jump when they own their gear. Plus, it’s easy to pay for jumps when you’re part of the team!


Can I Bring My Own Skydiving Camera?

Negative, ghost rider. Skydivers need at least 200 skydives before they even begin to think about attaching a camera to their person. Why? SAFETY! The skydiving community places safety at the forefront of everything we do so we can continue to do what we love and share our passion with wonderful people like yourself. 

Plus, having a videographer falling mere feet away from you is crazy cool. Their presence gives you a sight picture and allows your brain to understand what you’re doing. PLUS, they’re quintessential to the hype and will have a smile just as big as yours! Leave the camera work to us and soak in the moment, you won’t regret it!  

Skydiver floats upside down in the air.

How Do You Look Good In Skydiving Videos?

Our top tips to help you rock your skydiving photos are to dress for success and tame your luscious locks. Weather-appropriate clothing makes sure you’re comfortable and feeling good in your own skin, and we suggest pulling your hair out of your face (and tying down those burly beards) in something secure, like a bun or braids. 

Pro tip: When we smile, our face skin is pulled nice and tight – this means less flappy cheeks! 

On the real: Just have fun. Seriously, allow yourself to fall in love with the vibe of the sky and just be totally in the moment – nothing photographs better. 

Can You Choose The Music For Your Skydive Video?

Nah, but we have fabulous music presets that we’re sure will suit your fancy. And trust us, the music is the least of your concerns when you have an actual close up shot of you falling through the sky at 120 mph!! Similar to leaving the recording to the professionals, leave the choice of the best music for skydiving video to the ones who do it all day err day! We’ve got ya covered, don’t worryyy. 

But you’ll, of course, leave the dropzone with a whole reel of pre- and post-jump photos, selfies and video on your phone. So you may be wondering, “What about skydiving music for my video montage?” Gotcha. The best background music for skydiving videos depends on who you are and your taste in music, but here’s our top 10: 

  • Falling // Alesso
  • Runaway (U & I) // Galantis
  • Into The Sun // Johnny 2 Phones
  • Lavender Haze // Taylor Swift, Snakehips
  • My Type // Saint Motel
  • Fly Away (Jonas Blue Remix) // Tones and I
  • Sunroof – Loud Luxury Remix // Nicky Youre, dazy, Loud Luxury
  • Time of the Season – Mono Version // The Zombies
  • Faded X Play – Remix // Mukhlis, Jhon
  • Sunshine – MOTi Remix // OneRepublic, MOTi

Ready to capture one of the most epic days of your life? Book your jump with us! We can’t wait to see ya in the big, blue sky! 

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