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People of Skydive Cross Keys: Taylor Hines

First Skydive – May 2014, Skydive Danielson, CT
Jump numbers – 1000 plus!
How to find him – Follow the sound of “Yee-aah Buddy”

A Craigslist Ever After Story

Taylor’s skydiving career started by answering an ad on Craigslist to cut someone’s lawn.  Yes, it’s weird; but so is Taylor.

The poster turned out to be from Skydive Danielson, and they weren’t just in need of a landscaper – they needed a packer too. Taylor went to work learned to pack parachutes, but was more than happy to stay on the ground until the all too familiar peer pressure took hold. Two months after he first arrived at Danielson, he made his first jump.


Tracking and angle jumps are Taylor’s favorite because he doesn’t have to think too hard. Multi-ways confuse him. He confuses us.

Favorite Jump

Any night jumps at Cross Keys.  When you jump here at night you can see the bright lights of Philadelphia and Atlantic City!

Wildest Skydiving Experience

The first time he strapped on the skyboard! We’ll let him tell you that story in person by the bonfire.

Double Time

Taylor has an identical twin named Ken, who is pretty much exactly like Taylor. Actually, Taylor says Ken is more Taylor than Taylor is.  Taylor thought Ken would like to read about himself, we complied.  Hi Ken!  Come visit us!

Favorite Mythical Animal

The Sphinx, because “Life’s a riddle, man.”  We think Taylor is a riddle.

Seeing The Change

As a videographer, Taylor loves seeing the faces of new jumpers go from anxious in the plane to extreme joy when falling through the sky. As a coach, Taylor loves relaying info to new students – which he refers to as “sponges”.

The Night Out At The Bar

If Taylor could take any fictional character out for drinks, it would be Thor.  Why?  So Taylor can challenge Thor to a drinking contest, obviously, win, and pick up the hammer as Thor is passed out on the floor.  This is quite the fantasy, but we’ll let him have it.

What He Loves About Cross Keys

Despite being told he did not have to say this, Taylor would not stop gushing about how Cross Keys is his favorite Dropzone. He’s been to some other great ones, but Cross Keys holds a special place in his heart. We’re blushing.

See Him On The Court

Taylor says his best non-skydiving skill is basketball, he will challenge anyone. Try him on the Cross Keys court on the next weather hold.

Outside the Dropzone and the Court

When he’s not jumping out of planes or talking trash on the court, Taylor is performing one of our most needed civic duties – taking out your trash!  Taylor is a garbage man for Waretown, NJ.

Make sure to check out Taylor’s sky and land adventures on his Youtube channel! He’s pretty hysterical riding behind the dump truck in an office chair. That’s Taylor.

Come out and meet Taylor and the rest of our friendly staff!

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