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Is Skydiving Scary or Exhilarating?

Is Skydiving Scary or Exhilarating?

Is skydiving scary, like … for real? Or is all of the hoopla for nothing? Skydiving comes with something we like to call anticipatory fear, meaning getting worked up over the unknown. Once you know the thing that scares you, there’s an opportunity for exhilaration to take over, i.e. WOOOHOOOOO! We’ll explain! 

First, though, please note that we aren’t discrediting fear (you’re jumping from a plane; it’s normal to be nervous!), but let’s break down the why of the fear and how skydiving actually helps you to overcome it. 

Is Skydiving Scary? 

Yes and no. Yes, the description of skydiving – the idea of throwing yourself out the wide open door of an airplane – is scary. But no, the physical act of skydiving is actually quite enlightening. Why? You’re punching your fears right in the kisser! It’s liberating! 

What about a fear of heights and skydiving, is skydiving scary if you’re afraid of heights? People who get the jitters from heights skydive all. the. time. We totally understand that icky feeling of standing on a super tall building and peering over the edge – eek!! While standing on a skyscraper, our brain and eyes can understand how high up we are, and it’s a bit freaky. When it comes to skydiving or flying in a commercial jet, we can’t really grasp how high we are. We’re so high up that it’s almost like we’re flying over a photo or a map, not the ground.

So, How Scary Is Skydiving? (And Why?)

Let’s say ahead of your first tandem, you stand on the “Very” side of the How Scary Is First Time Skydiving? scale. Repeat after us: What is the scariest part about skydiving? Anticipation! 

Why is skydiving scary? Because doing something new is HARD. Think of it this way: We do things for the first time less and less as we get older. When we’re five years old, doing new things is easy, because everything is new! When you’re 45, doing a new thing (like skydiving) presents a mental hurdle to conquer. Pssst! We know you can do it! 

A tandem skydiving couple jump out a plane.

Is It Scary To Skydive Tandem? 

How scary is tandem skydiving? Good news: on the “Not Very” side of that How Scary scale. Tandem skydiving entails being securely harnessed to the front of a highly-experienced, USPA-certified, professional skydiving instructor. Tandem skydiving presents an awesome opportunity for someone to have the experience of jumping from a plane with minimal training. 

Tandem skydiving is statistically the safest form of skydiving, and many first time jumpers come back for seconds, even if they don’t opt to continue in the sport and get their solo skydiving license. And far more often than not, those who decide to be a “one and done” skydiver share their positive experience with others. The most common reason people start their jumping journey is because they heard someone rave about theirs! 

Is Skydiving Scarier Than Roller Coasters? 

Heckkk no! Skydiving is not even in the same fear realm as roller coasters! No offense to the brilliant engineers behind roller coasters, but have you seen those things!? PASS! We’ll stick to our parachutes, thanks. 

People either love or hate the ‘stomach floating into your face’ feeling. If this feeling is your nemesis, you’re in luck – it doesn’t happen while jumping from the plane! Why? The plane is already moving. The tummy twisting sensation happens when you accelerate from a stationary position. 

Note: The notorious stomach drop is possible while flying the parachute and, fortunately, this portion of the skydive is super customizable. If you love the feeling, your instructor will be more than happy to swirl you both all around the sky. If you despise the butterfly stomach, your instructor can fly the canopy as docile as possible and mitigate that feeling. Either way, we’ve got ya covered! 

What does skydiving actually feel like? We like to describe the feeling of skydiving as flying, not falling. It’s a beautifully freeing experience. 

Is Bungee Jumping Scarier Than Skydiving? 

Listen … we’re a bit biased, but YES bungee jumping is way more scary than skydiving. The height of a bungee jumping platform ranges anywhere from 50 to 700 feet. From these heights, our brains and eyes still make the connection of how high we are, making it prettyyyy spooky. And the stomach drop? Yep. 

So, is skydiving scarier than bungee jumping? Not a chance! 

Tandem skydiving instructor

I’m Still Scared, What Can I Do? 

We can tell you what not to do before a skydive … self-medicate! If you show up for your scheduled skydive under the influence of inebriated, you will be declined service. Skydivers place safety at the forefront in every decision, and we ask you to do the same. 

Plus, you’ll want to remember your skydive in all its glorious awesomeness! To calm your nerves, we suggest doing your research, contacting us for reassurance about any apprehension you feel creeping in, and on the day of, taking some big, deep breaths. You can 100% breathe while skydiving – there’s an abundance of air, and it’s yours for the taking! (Want to warm up to the real thing with a simulated skydive? Go for it! And is indoor skydiving scary? Nope! You can do big things!)

All in all, is it scary to skydive? Only if you’re scared of the euphoria and empowerment you’ll get from conquering your fears! Show your fear who’s the BOSS and book your tandem skydive! Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

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