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Skydiving Gifts for the Holidays


How To Give a Parachute Jump Gift

The holiday season is in full swing, and that means the quest for the perfect gift has officially begun. Look no further, because skydiving gifts are the best gifts. We’re here to tell you how to elevate your gift-giving to new heights – literally!

Whether you’re scouting out gifts for thrill seekers eager to take their first leap or for an avid skydiver, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide to supreme gifts for skydivers at every level. Skydiving gift ideas: commence!


Is Skydiving A Good Present?

… Is this a serious question? Gifting someone with a skydive will make you the coolest gift-giver in the history of the universe, forever!

Here are the two most popular gifts for a skydiver: a tandem skydive (the most popular option), or – for people who loved tandem skydiving – support toward their skydiving training. If you’re searching for gifts for adrenaline junkies, you’ve found your solution. As long as they meet the requirements, you can’t go wrong with a parachute jump gift!

Gifting a Tandem Skydive

A tandem skydive is when a complete novice is secured to a highly-skilled instructor. This type of jump is excellent for someone curious about getting in the sky or into the sport. We offer two tandem skydiving gift certificate options, one with and one without skydiving video!

Skydiving Training Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates in customizable amounts to give those pursuing their solo skydiving license. Our AFP Program is a comprehensive and effective method in the world to teach new skydivers. Our instructors educate and foster the ins-and-outs of the sport in a safety-oriented space. Learning to skydive solo requires a significant commitment of time and resources (both SO worth it), and gifting any amount towards the dream will be greatly appreciated by our new baby bird!

Need more validation before pulling the trigger? You don’t have to ask twice! Here’s the scene: The holiday lights are twinkling, music is playing, and everyone is eager to open presents – the time has finally come! The person receiving a skydiving gift certificate picks up a flimsy envelope. They’re prepared for the expected (a restaurant gift card, maybe), and prepare an excited smile. Then they see the corner of a skydiving gift certificate and realize it is SO MUCH MORE than a piece of paper: it’s the ultimate avenue to adventure! They’re genuinely, over-the-moon ecstatic! You receive the biggest hug ever and everyone is PUMPED (and jealous they didn’t think of a gift with that level of stoke)!

Skydiving Gift Ideas For Devoted Skydivers

Expert Skydiver Holiday Gifts

Do you know someone seemingly off their rocker because they are constantly jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? Are they always throwing around phrases and words that make no sense to you? Do you need to know what the heck to give them this holiday season? We’ve got you covered.


Giving someone a gift certificate that they can spend on their jumps (or anything at the dropzone) is a golden gift. Want a more incognito route? For a super sneaky present, feel free to drop by Skydive Cross Keys and add jumps directly to their account! The next time they come to add money to their account, they’ll be too stunned to speak!




Tunnel Time

Skydivers often use the vertical wind tunnel (such as iFly) to improve their freefall skills. Time spent in the tunnel benefits skydivers of all levels, from brand new shredders to people with thousands of jumps. It’s the ideal gift for everyone and shows you care about their progression in the sport.

Apparel and Merch

Skydivers love to talk about skydiving with anyone who will listen – it’s our passion! The Skydive Cross Keys Gear Store has hoodies, t-shirts, koozies, stickers, and more! Plastering anything with skydiving stickers makes it one hundred times better (just sayin’).


Skydiver on runway pointing to his skydiving tee shirt.



Once a skydiver hits 200 jumps, they’re able to wear a camera on their helmet to capture all the sick shots … and epic fails. GoPro’s and insta360’s are super popular camera options for jumpers.


Skydiving Videographer with Gear



There are two altimeters that most skydivers use: one of the wrist/hand that they look at and one in the helmet that beeps at pre-set altitudes. The audible altimeter is definitely sought after, making it the optimal gift.


Skydiving Holiday Gifts at Skydive Cross Keys


Gaiters and Socks

Funny, tongue-in-cheek, and simply outrageous socks are admired in the skydiving community. Redbubble features designs from small artists for every type of jumper. Neck gaiters can be found online and in sporting goods stores. They’re used to keep skydivers warm and their hair tangle-free – they’re essential, especially in the winter months!


Skydiving Gear for the Holidays



If you aren’t sure what the skydiver in your life would love, gift certificates to reputable dealers, such as RockSky Market and ChutingStar are fabulous options. These online skydiving stores have it all, from jumpsuits and helmets to demo canopies.

Our advice for this gift-buying season: The best gifts are the things we want, but would never invest in for ourselves. And we’ll let you in on an inside tip: Skydivers have a passion for the sport that goes far beyond adrenaline, and they love to share this with others. The next time someone is enthusiastic about jumping, listen to them! Their shared excitement is chock full of top-notch gift-giving hints!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and we can’t wait to see you! Blue skies.

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